Feb 2007

Episode 5. The Best Of 2006! (with extra special super awesome hidden bonus track… shhh!)

February 15, 2007 (00:08) | Show | 1 comment

Well, looky there. I went and put all the good words in the title. But they’re hidden… so I can still use them! Awesome! What a bonus! An extra special bonus.

I don’t want to say too much about this super awesome extra special show, except the fact that it may end our podcasting careers forever. Really. I’m serious. Yep. Not Kidding. Nope. I’m lying. We’ll never stop. You can’t stop us. Don’t even try. You will not succeed. I’d rather be. I’d rather be with. I’d rather be with an animal. Rowr!

Hey, vote for us and shit. I’m not gonna suck your dick anymore.

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