Jan 2007

Episode 4. In With The New

January 8, 2007 (11:59) | Show | 1 comment

What better way to celebrate the new year than with a new show, sporting a new theme, recorded on new equipment, and packed with brand-new booty-bumpin’ bass? What better way, I ASKED YOU!

Well I’ll tell you what better way, since I ASKED! With a new, pretty, sparkly show constructed of entirely random bullshit. Seriously. We sat down to check some levels ( on the, did I mention, new equipment? ) and shat out this stinky pile of sheer ridiculosity. Luckily, some of it was pretty damn funny, so that’s what you get to hear. Lucky you! I said LUCKY YOU!

Sorry, listener. I got carried away there. I’d really like to make up for it. Say, is there some site somewhere where I could possibly vote for you as top podcast listener? There’s not? Hmm, you know there really should be. But since we’re on the subject, did you know there is a site where you can vote for us as a top podcast! What, no way!

And if you’re not already, subscribe to us on iTunes, would ya? We could always use some good myspace friends too, so add away, people! One last thing, call our feedback line at 903-704-4449 and become an instant media sensation! Guaranteed! Or your money back! Thank you and goodnight!