Nov 2006

Episode 2. Vagina For A Peehole

November 6, 2006 (22:33) | Show | No comments

What’s up, gro? Ok, maybe we haven’t reached gro status in our young relationship just yet, but after this show, I hope you can change your mind. Cuz you, man, you – are my gro. Especially if you can make it through the entire show. Then you are my gro bro, and gro, them binds ain’t easily cut, ya hear?

Holy shit, you still reading? Ok, well, the new episode is about what you’d expect from a couple of buffoons like Luke and Posey. While maybe not as blatantly offensive as the first show, it’s every bit as disgusting, moronic, and wonderfully hilarious. And hey, if you like what you hear, why not let us know? Email us at, or become our most favoritest fan ever by leaving us a voice mail at 903-704-4449. We’ll play it on the next show. Hell, I’ll make it my ringtone. And while you’re feeling the love for your favorite Luke and/or Posey, why not vote for us over at Podcast Alley? Posey will give you a pube if you do. Promise. Ball pubes only by special request.