Jun 2006

Episode 1. Crazy Racist Sex Toys

June 29, 2006 (07:16) | Show | 2 comments

It’s our first show, so we just put it all out there, folks. Irreverent, you ask? Sure. Hip, young, edgy, and fresh? Fuck yeah. Comedy? Music? Secretly recorded sex memories? We haven’t scratched the surface, people. Just give it a listen. Death threats can be directed to theshow@lukeandposey.com, or if you prefer to vent in a more verbally abusive manner, drop us a voice mail at 206-666-4POZ.

Edit: Episode 1 has been archived.

testes, testes

June 2, 2006 (00:33) | Show | 6 comments

w00t! n00b! OMG LOL WTF