Romance 2.0

8 April, 2008 (02:19) | Bits

It was just a matter of time before a major recording artist recorded a song using many of the popular “Web 2.0” brand names and lingo. Unfortunately for that major recording artist, this 3rd-rate comedy podcast did it first. And quite well, I might add. Thanks Bucko.

Here are the lyrics, with corresponding links, in case you don’t know wtf is going on.

Romance 2.0

Girl, I can’t shut my googly eyes,
You’re so fine I can’t help but look.

And imagine your hand, grabbing my d*ck like a pen,
and writing all in your face book.

Girl you know I dig you
Cause you’re so delicious
Wanna stumble upon you
While you’re doing the dishes

Gonna turn you around
and stick it in, ya-hoo
I’m makin a mess in
Your kitchen and your cooch

L:Hey, you know that girl you poked last week?
L:I’m thinking of poking her later, got any suggestions?
P:I know one thing that gets her all a-twitter
L:Oh yeah? What’s that?
P:Flick ‘er nipple.
L:Flick ‘er nipple?
P:Flick ‘er nipple.
L:Thanks dude. Ya know, you’re one of my, like, top 8 friends.

Girl, I must confess,
You might say “You too big”
But I assure you there’s no need to fret it.

You just relax your throat
You can trust me, because I wrote
The Book of Love and then I went and I read it.

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