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Posey's Pride

Posey’s Pride

May 31, 2008 (21:55) | Bits | 1 comment

Po-Funk is back in this mutha fucka wit dis new track YO! Featuring guest M.C. Meat Sweats!

Little Donkey (El Burrito featuring Don Henley)

Little Donkey (El Burrito featuring Don Henley)

May 27, 2008 (22:49) | Bits | 2 comments

Yep, that Don Henley. Uh huh. From The Beagles. Surprised? Confused? Bewildered, or poco desconcertado? Just wait until you hear the song. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything on the next show. Until then, enjoy the song the way it was meant to be sung. In American.

El Burrito

El Burrito

May 16, 2008 (23:46) | Bits | No comments

El burrito es muy delicioso!
El burrito es muy delicioso!
Donde esta mi genitalio?
Donde esta mi genitalio?
Muy bien, estudiantes, muy bien.

Cardiac Arrest

April 8, 2008 (02:27) | Bits | No comments

When you leave your baby for a ham sandwich, we’re afraid it’s all downhill from there. Thanks Bucko for the kickass original guitar. And Posey for the rest.

Romance 2.0

April 8, 2008 (02:19) | Bits | No comments

It was just a matter of time before a major recording artist recorded a song using many of the popular “Web 2.0” brand names and lingo. Unfortunately for that major recording artist, this 3rd-rate comedy podcast did it first. And quite well, I might add. Thanks Bucko.

Here are the lyrics, with corresponding links, in case you don’t know wtf is going on.

Romance 2.0

Girl, I can’t shut my googly eyes,
You’re so fine I can’t help but look.

And imagine your hand, grabbing my d*ck like a pen,
and writing all in your face book.

Girl you know I dig you
Cause you’re so delicious
Wanna stumble upon you
While you’re doing the dishes

Gonna turn you around
and stick it in, ya-hoo
I’m makin a mess in
Your kitchen and your cooch

L:Hey, you know that girl you poked last week?
L:I’m thinking of poking her later, got any suggestions?
P:I know one thing that gets her all a-twitter
L:Oh yeah? What’s that?
P:Flick ‘er nipple.
L:Flick ‘er nipple?
P:Flick ‘er nipple.
L:Thanks dude. Ya know, you’re one of my, like, top 8 friends.

Girl, I must confess,
You might say “You too big”
But I assure you there’s no need to fret it.

You just relax your throat
You can trust me, because I wrote
The Book of Love and then I went and I read it.

Poo Fighters

April 8, 2008 (01:57) | Bits | 1 comment

Posey is a genius. But don’t take our word for it, check out some reviews of his latest Foo Fighters cover.

“Posey is a genius, a got-dam genius” — Rolling Stone
“Reminds me of a severely constipated Dave Grohl” — Spin
“I would be laughing my ass off, if I could feel my testicles. Wait, what?” — Dave Grohl

Oh Oh Oh

April 8, 2008 (01:44) | Bits | No comments

Those 3 words every woman longs to scream… and you will never want to hear again.

I Love My Women

April 8, 2008 (01:37) | Bits | No comments

If you didn’t know, Posey is a man who can’t be tied down to a single woman. No, it’s either all or none for this guy. The following poem, set to killer keyboards, says it all.

House Party

January 5, 2008 (23:55) | Bits | 1 comment

YO. Wanna peep how it iz to party wit da one and only Po-Funk? Check it.
Wheat Cracka out.

Luke and Posey X-mas

December 10, 2007 (12:02) | Bits | No comments

It’s the perfect gift! ORDER NOW!