Jul 2008

Episode 28. Meat Sweats

July 15, 2008 (00:29) | Show | 1 comment

HEY! Where you been, guys? What’s that? You’ve been what? Wading? Oh, waiting? For what? A new show? OHHHHHHH. I see now. You just come around when we got new shows to hand out, huh. Uh huh. Well, here’s a big fat show for you bloodthirsty hounds. I hope you’re happy. CUZ WE ARE! Ha ha, I tricked you into thinking I was all, “Uh huh”… and you were probably all like, “No he is not”. Good times.

But much better than that brief yet comical paragraph is the actual show, people! We got the world-famous MC Meat Sweats of Posey’s Pride up in this bitch for an epically awesome hour of entertainment.

Forever Your Love,
Luke and Posey

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