Oct 2007

Episode 22. Like A Tornado

October 24, 2007 (01:19) | Show | No comments

It’s time for another mega-show from your favorite 2-bit comedy whores! Ok, so we’re free. But you’re getting your money’s worth this time!

Bucko’s back to provide the soundtrack for a musical romp through DoofusLand, but not before sharing some great stories about kicking ass and taking names, literally. We reminisce about happy/gay accidents, severe injuries, and retarded home remedies. Then we descend into a sing-along gone horribly wrong. Apologies to Alice In Chains, John Mayer, Dave Mathews, Warrant, The Scorpions, Boston, Steppenwolf, Poison, Ted Nugent, Survivor, Eddie Vedder, and especially REM. We’re like an E.coli-infested slaughterhouse, but for music.

If you don’t hate us yet, just hang around 45 minutes or so.

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