Episode 9. Qlassiq With 2 Q’s

15 April, 2007 (23:59) | Show

If you take one thing from these show notes, let it be this… Episode 9 is not a “best of” show. Though it may be presented as a collection of wonderful clips from times past, and it is, and they are, but you should know… it is NOT a “best of” show. That would be stupid.

But what it is, my brutha, is an amalgamation of sorts. An abundance of dumbassity the likes of which have only been seen on the previous 8 shows. Impressions, songs, insensitive comments, movements, and moments… all comin’ atcha like junebugs on a windshield on a spring day in Texas when it’s actually spring-type weather and not freezing my balls off. What? I don’t know.

Next time.

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