Episode 7. Six Inch Dagger Dick

1 April, 2007 (11:59) | Show

It’s that time again, folks! What time, you ask? It’s time for a new episode of The Luke And Posey Show! Yaaay!

You may ask yourself, “Self, how do you know when it’s time for a new episode of The Luke And Posey Show?” Well, self, during this month of April 2007, you can expect a brand steamin’ new episode every Monday morning. That’s right, you didn’t go all retarded just then… you actually read that. Weekly, bitches. Boom. Score one for buttbeard.

In case you’re wondering, this show continues our Special Concert Series With Bucko. Posey recounts his encounter with a dragon, American Idol gets ass-raped in 4/4 time, we learn of Posey’s special bond with his uncle (hint: it’s a concrete bond), and last but most definitely not least, we are grandly introduced to the newest members of the Luke and Posey show cast… I could say more, but I have to stop. I have got to stop it. Oh good lord I need to stop.

Later lates.

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